MAURO PINTO - Summer 2015

Mauro Pinto is exhibiting for the first time in Évora, at the Palácio Cadaval, from September 19 to October 31, 2015. Mauro Pinto was born in Maputo, Mozambique, where he lives and works. Since 2000 he has taken part in solo and group exhibitions, festivals and art conventions in Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Brazil, Paraguay, France, Norway, Réunion and Portugal, where he won the 2012 BES Photo award.

Interpreting the everyday world, Mauro Pinto celebrates the Mozambican milieu through snapshots of life and ways of life of his country of origin and of its people, both in the countryside and the city. In his “Dá licença” (If you’ll excuse me) series, shown in the Palácio Cadaval, in Évora, the artist perpetuates the light, the atmosphere and the state of typical houses in the neighbourhood of Mafalala, an iconic neighbourhood of Maputo, the birthplace of poets, sportspeople, politicians… By entering the houses and capturing the images we see in the “Dá Licença” series, in spite of the uniqueness of each one, Mauro Pinto shares with us everything that is typical of this traditional Mozambican neighbourhood, which is in danger of losing its age-old identity with the arrival of new inhabitants and the “invasion” of other cultures. As author Mia Couto explains in his text presenting the exhibition…“They say that Mafalala is a neighbourhood in the suburbs of Maputo. But this neighbourhood is all of Mozambique”.